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My name is

Whitney Illig

      I am the owner of Hands On! Integrative Bodywork. I am an Arizona native and have lived in Flagstaff since 2007. I am originally from Prescott and moved to beautiful Flagstaff to go to Northern Arizona University. I fell in love with the small, sweet town and after I got my degree in International Affairs, I decided to go a different route and went to massage school. There I discovered my desire to help people through therapeutic bodywork and saw how powerful and healing compassionate touch can be.

      I graduated from ASIS in Flagstaff in 2011 with a deeper respect and understanding of the body and its beautiful complexity.

Although there are many different modalities or types of therapies, there are a few I specialize in. I love mixing different therapies because I believe that most of the time, just one approach isn’t as effective as blended therapies can be. I often use deeper tissue work (which should never be painful!), trigger point, and stretching.

      I specialize in head and neck problems, including headaches/migraines, TMJ, shoulder problems. I also specialize in reflexology, doTERRA essential oil work, energy work, and prenatal massage. I like to work with the person, wherever they’re at, to help them relax and recover from stress and pain whether chronic or acute. I believe the entire mind, body, and spirit have to be worked on collectively in order for the person to feel healthy, and therefore, I incorporate subtle energetic components into the physical work I do.

My name is

Kat Timmons

I graduated from the Sedona School of Massage in 2020 after experiencing the miracles of massage during my recovery from a severe car accident. My circumstances transpired into a passion for aiding others in their pursuit to alleviate physical pain. My massages use a combination of Swedish, connective tissue techniques, myofascial release, neuromuscular therapy and activated isolated stretching. I also 

My name is

Jenny Davis

I graduated from East West College of the Healing Arts in Portland, Oregon in 1998. I have has over 20 years of experience in deep tissue massage techniques, Swedish, hot stone and prenatal massage. I have also taught Aromatherapy, Spa Technologies, prenatal massage and hydrotherapy at SWIHA massage school.

My name is

Dana Keyonnie

I have graduated from massage school in Flagstaff in 2016 and specialize in working with clients who are very “bound up” and tight. Along with being highly-skilled in sports and deep tissue work, I have a knowledge of Traditional Chinese Medicine and can incorporate cupping and guasha in my treatment to help quickly release muscles that are extra tight.

My name is

Ahni Burd

I graduated from the Sedona School of Massage is 2019 and am passionate about the maintenance of one's self. I believe that massage therapy contributes to a person's overall well being for the mind, body and spirit. I use my education in Connective Tissue Therapy, Swedish Massage, Polarity, Ortho-bionomy, Myofascial therapy and Neuromuscular Therapy to create a tailored massage experience for each client. I also have experience in Reiki, Prenatal massage, aromatherapy and reflexology. 

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